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A320 Ultimate update to v 1.1.16 (for XP11)

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the Addon A320 Ultimate has been updated to version 1.1.16.

Customers find the new fullversion with their Aerosoft Shop account (instant downloads).

The versionsnumber you can see it in the DOCs folder in the file "changelog.txt".


New fullversion changelog v1.1.16:


* manual PA selection tab in EFB


* magnetic variation not taken in account in FixInfo
* wrong estimate time on FixInfo page
* crash because of TCAS with many planes
* TCAS traffic not filtered by selector
* TCAS shows traffic if STBY mode selected
* blank screen EFB on MacOS
* landing lights datarefs blinking
* crash after PPOS->ARRIVAL click after touchdown and go-around

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