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SU5 cockpit texture issues

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7 hours ago, murat006 said:

I have some problems too. I hope there will be an update to include them. Here is what I quickly noticed. I tried deleting and reinstalling once but trying to help again.

* I cannot supply electricity because the EFB is not working.
*HUD was initially left on. After deleting and installing it won't open at all.
*All lights start in the lit position.
*No controls are working. (Saitek yoke and throttle
*Some keys are non-functional. Fuel pump, APU etc.


Update; I think, The plane is only loaded as a model. Front wheel facing left. As in the first posts, activities are not active.



I am having the same and also many problems. There are problems that I know of that I quoted above. Also, although it is not written in this message, the skins are definitely broken.

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