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A short introduction to Aerosoft Simple Traffic


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Aerosoft Simple Traffic has just two jobs:

  1. To show correct liveries and correct traffic routes between suitable airports. So instead of seeing a row of imaginary airlines at Frankfurt International you see Lufthansa aircraft. And KLM aircraft at Schiphol, Delta at Atlanta, Air France in Paris, and United at O’Hare. You get the idea.
  2. Optimizes the framerate by using only the lowest polygon versions of the default MSFS AI models. Too detailed models for AI traffic, in our opinion, make it hard for complex scenery and super accurate aircraft to get enough resources.

That is all. It does not promise more. It does not do more. It is not the final AI Traffic tool we would all like to see in Microsoft Flight Simulator but for many technical reasons that are not easy to complete at this moment. Simple Traffic is a quick fix, but we believe it simply does well. Instead of fake liveries, you see the correct ones using the simplified default aircraft models. The product will be updated regularly. In the two attachments, you see the airliners and airports that are currently covered.


It is that simple and that is why it is called Aerosoft Simple Traffic and that is why it only costs €12.50 (plus VAT when applicable). It should be available soon. For now, enjoy this trailer and we’ll have some images for you in the next few days.


Please note that this product, created by Revolutions Simulations, was previously known as Framerate Friendly AI (FFAI). 




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