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Dynamic reflections flickering on pedestal panel

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I am using the AS 330 Pro v on P3D V5.2

I seem to have a problem with dynamic reflections flickering on the pedestal panel.

This issue is not present when I turn off dynamic reflections.

If anybody has any idea as to what I could do to resolve this I would appreciate any ideas.

Thanks in advance. 





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  • David_Flynn changed the title to Dynamic reflections flickering on pedestal panel
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On 7/25/2021 at 4:34 PM, masterhawk said:

Right now…only disable of dyn reflections is a solution.

Oh come on… this can’t be an option ! I have this issue too, and it really impacts the overall experience. You can’t just tell "well deactivate dynamic reflexions" to adress an issue that has been reported multiple times…. This happens ONLY on the aerosoft a330, and no this isn’t the only pbr cockpit so no it isn’t the cause of the issue. 
now I think everyone would expect a fix from aerosoft rather than deactivating an important setting that improves drastically the look of the sim, even more when we are talking about one of the main p3d developers and a payware add-on. Aerosoft needs to stop taking their customers like clowns, a fix is needed !

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