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Brno-Tuřany airport for Prepar3DV5 +

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Good evening everyone.
By the title of the topic, you can already say that I started working on the Brno-Tuřany airport, LKTB in the Czech Republic.

I've been doing it for several weeks now. The concept of building the project will be as follows. Naturally, the airport itself will be made. Scenery will be recommended for use with Orbx openLC Europe and Orbx Vector. The city will be built in separate locations. For example, such areas where the city hospital is located. On its territory there is a helipad, which will be implemented in the project. The area where the tower building in Brno is located, the castle and others.


Most of the textures in the project will be PBR with a resolution of 2048x2048 pixels. To date, almost all work related to land ranges, runway, markings and so on has been completed. Tomorrow I will start making lighting.

I plan to finish the project presumably in October. From time to time I will write about the development of the project.





















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The apron stands at Brno airport have been tested and are fully GSX compatible. It is very convenient to use the marshals included in the GSX kit for correct taxiing into the parking lot :)










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