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CTD After Reinstallation of CRJ Pro


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I probably jinxed myself when I closed out my last post regarding CTD.

I was able to fly without any problems for about an hour then saved and shutdown for the evening the next morning I tried to load P3D  v4.5 and within about a minute it would CTD.

I rebooted with no success. I rolled back my Nvidia driver, Windows updates with no success.

I uninstalled my CRJ and it still wouldn't get past the desktop.

Did a complete reinstall of P3D and was able to get into the loading page and fly other aircraft. When I tried to load the CRJ and then run P3D it would CTD but after a much longer time.

After much searching a found a similar problem a few years ago regarding making certain RAAS was not installed when reinstalling the CRJ. I will try that next.

- I am running programs as Administrator.

- I reboot after each installation

- Antivirus disabled

P3D v

EVGA GeForce  GTX 970 6Gb

16 Gb RAM


I am just perplexed how something could change in less than 24 hrs.

It is very frustrating for me.


I hope someone can solve this issue I really enjoy flying the CRJ when I can anyway.




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Since the response for help was overwhelming I have been trying everything I could think of. Finally after uninstalling CRJ Pro for the umpteenth time and then running the Client I was able to get P3D back up and have the CRJ appear but when I tried to save it. The problem started all over again. I will seek help elsewhere.



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