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Saitek multipanel select gear down and AP disagree

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Hi There!

i have saitek multipanel autopilot.

When I switch gear down before landing on crj autopilot is off too with g/d.

And i need to switch on AP.


It’s only at CrJ, another planes doesnt do that. 
I dont understand why…


Could You please give me advise?


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  • Aerosoft

Hi Lopezik,

Logitech modules are are for the default Flight Simulator aircraft.

Each addon uses its own communication mode.
Logitech has only developed a driver for the default aircraft.

There is a third-party software that allows the user to create his own interface: SPAD.next
Technical support can be found on the publisher's website: https://www.spadnext.com/forum/

Hereunder a video made by a user showing how to interface the Multi Panel  with the CRJ : 


Best regards.

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