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Hey everybody,


I have just bought A320/21 Pro. from Aerosoft on SimMarket. I ran up the setup as administraotr (look at the screen below) and desactivate my anntivirus program. Once the setup finished, I started P3d V5, and saw that the A320s were not available. I opened my P3d folder, and seen that nothing were installed in Simobjects, but EVERYTHING was in a folder called Aerosoft A320-A321 Pro V5 (screens below). I try to move simbojects and effects folders the ones of P3D v5, and then planes appears in my P3D planes selector. But when I select them, many messages come, and once the loading over, I'm at 2 fps, and nothing seems to work propreply (screens belows).


I tried more than 3 times to un-install and to install, but nothing. I have the impression that the setup does not install files in the good folders. I have the same problem for Zurich scenery, wich is not in the sim after installation...


Thank you very much in advance guys !


Kings Regards,




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  • Deputy Sheriffs

In the add-on.cfg the title is missing.


And don’t try moving files your own. Please revert what you have done. Uninstall and reinstall again.


The addon is using the add-on.xml and registers itself in the add-on.cfg. So all addon files are at one place. Just choose during install a path like

c:\p3d addons\aerosoft

for example.

It’s also not a good idea to install the sim in the program files folder. That’s a special protected folder.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

So for some reason the add-on.xml is not registered in the add-on.cfg file.


Can be done manually (can not support with that prior Monday evening) or you try again a reinstall but with deactivated AV and admin privileges for the installer.

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