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route points in parentheses

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good evening everyone.
I apologize if the question has already been asked but I can't find anything so I ask you
When planning flights on the crj I often find myself various points enclosed in brackets such as (vector) these points are not read by the autopilot and normally I have to delete them.
The problem arises on the approach routes to airports where there are holding companies to do and many times, removing the aforementioned points, the aircraft goes into a casino.
I wanted to know if this is my or database error or what is due and if there is a way to fix it
Thank you
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This seems like you are loading procedures that have Vectors in them..


Legs with Vectors are flown in HDG Mode not in NAV mode as there is an "unkown" for how to sequence to/from them.




CYOW departure is VECTORS then a you have your first Waypoint.


Departure is fly runway Heading (say RNWY 25) 251


you would fly off the runway and use HDG mode of 251 until you were instructed by Departures on what to do next.


That could be a "turn left heading 220" or could easily just be "Direct REEDO" which is your first waypoint on your Flight plan.


Even more depending on the traffic they could even clear you to another way point further down your Flight Plan... "Direct ALB"... and you would skip the REEDO Leg..


Same with Arrivals and Approaches... If you load any that have Vectors as part of the Transitions then you are expecting that you would transition into HDG mode and follow instructions from ATC.



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You are good, for simulation purposes, the vectors legs aren't really necessary unless you are flying with online ATC through a variety of options. If you are in single player you can just remove them or elect to fly the headings you would expect if you are familiar with the arrival/departure. You can usually, just bring the next waypoint up and replace the vectors waypoint without too much issue but you'll need to look at the arrival/departure yourself to see if that works. But if you are flying with an online ATC you need to keep it and you will likely get vectored at that point until final or until another waypoint. 


And lastly, you can elect to use a SID/STAR that doesn't have them or use transitions within a given SID/STAR that aren't vectors where available if you want to avoid that issue completely. 

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