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Fuel planner incorrect


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It's weird after such a long time, but I only noticed it now.
Simbrief delivers all values for the A3xx after correct entry.
Also the value for Fuel Total. I'll correct them then.
Sometimes this doesn't work out that way and I just want to change the fuel total a little.
The values for TW and TOW then change but not for LW.
I think this is a mistake.
Please check.
MfG CFG874 Bernd


ist zwar komisch nach so langer Zeit, aber es ist mir erst jetzt aufgefallen.
Simbrief liefert nach korrekter Eingabe alle Werte für den A3xx.
Auch den Wert für Fuel Total. Die korrigiere ich dann.
Manchmal hat dies aber nicht so hin und ich möchte nur den Fuel Total etwas verändern. 
Es ändern sich dann die Werte für TW und TOW aber nicht für LW.
Dies denke ich ist ein Fehler. 
Bitte mal überprüfen.
MfG CFG874 Bernd

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Hello Bernd,

As you change the total fuel value the planner will override all the other parameters because they would turn as inaccurate. The advanced parameters are more of a tool to calculate the total fuel if you don't have a value from anywhere else, but if there is manually entered value the planner doesn't use the parameters like trip distance to calculate how much actual fuel you would be using during the flight and thus it cannot calculate the landing weight anymore. I understand that it's not really the most intuitive user interface solution but it's by design like that.

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