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Pilots in flight deck and airplane unusable after changing views.

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I was just doing a flight in MSFS and after changing view from interior to exterior during cruise (which I have done many times during the flight before this point), when returning inside the aircraft the 3d models of the pilots were in their seat, the yoke was twisted to the left (although the sim input from the joystick was still neutral) and the airplane was unusable. I couldn't click on most switches. The few I could click on (e.g. LDG GEAR) would cause the required action but the switch itself would not move. 


Would appreciate some help on preventing this from happening again. 



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This happens when you were outside and then got into one of the other views like a drone view then re-entered the cockpit.


Go back outside ... Press the INS key or do what you need to switch back into the normal external View...  then go back inside... all will be back to normal.

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i have exactly the same problem! After different times  i also have the pilots in cockpit view suddently..


Plane is still flying correctly...also the displays are ok....But you cant use any button any more...


I also tried switching inside/outside view etc...nothing works!


I also removed third party addons etc...nothing helps....


on Debug Console i see this errors: ASCRJ_PFD: Pitch = -2.20 / FD = -1.26



i am really confused....never had such problems before.....CRJ is so a nice plane and did work flawlessly before






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Mathijs Kok
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When you see pilots in the cockpit of ANY aircraft, this means that you are no longer flying and therefore have no control over anything.  The AI copilot of the  sim is flying.  A quick Google search would have turned up the solution, which is hit CTL-ALT-X to return control back to you.  

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