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MSFS CJR and Honeycomb Throttle AP 'panel'

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So I'm super happy about the CRJ (spend too little time flying it actually) and I love the Honeycomb throttle quadrant... However, all the planes so far seem to understand the AP panel dials and buttons as well as the on/off switches beneath the AP panel, the CRJ however doesn't seem to what to acknowledge the existence of the AP panel nor the switches, hmmm :(

Is there something I'm missing or is that a known issue?

Thanks in advanced

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Mathijs Kok
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Hi Tomcat,
The standard MSFS interface to the autopilot doesn't work for some complex addons.
Some of the functions are only accessible via the addon-specific variable (L-Vars)


Access to these variables is not yet possible via MSFS and there for require external 3rd-party utilities.
Please check the two posts hereunder : 

Thank you.

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