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TOD calculation issues, TOD after TOC

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I experienced a strange issue today on my flight with the following route: KDEN/17R CONNR7 WERNR DCT ZAKOR DCT KASE/15, selecting the RNAV-F approach into Runway 15. I used a cruise altitude of FL220 following this real-world SKW5766 CRJ7 flight which used the same route.


I realized once airborne that although it showed TOD after TOC (I have experienced the opposite before as well), the distance to reach the TOC was actually greater than TOD which should be impossible. Additionally, you can see I had already reached my cruising altitude if that matters (I'm not sure if TOC is supposed to clear once you reach it or not). I don't believe the calculation was good for the TOD either as I was able to wait a fair amount of time before descending at around -2000 FPM to reach my first altitude restriction on my approach (DBL).



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