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Honeycomb Bravo Profiles and x- plane

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I am lost. I watched several video and still nowhere. 


I setup my Honeycomb Bravo and get it working on the default settings. Now looking to go farther with my setup. I downloaded a profile, but the controls in X Plane still seem to be default values.

I can see the downloaded profile when I am in the honeycomb Configuration tool. But when I start up xplane and load a plane I do not see the profile.

What do I have to do so I can see the profile? Can someone tell me what I am not doing right in simple terms.




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  • Aerosoft

Hi and welcome to our forums:


I have moved you into our dedicated X-Plane section. 


What you have to understand, is that the HC profiles are completely independant from the X-Plane profile system itself, so you will never see the profiles from one system displayed in the menu of the other. Consequently you will have to ensure yourself, that there are no conflicts between the two systems, like double bindings for one control. Also, the HC profiles only deal with buttons, not axis. 


I hope that clears it up a bit.

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BenBaron, you didn't answer his question, and I have the same one. I downloaded a King Air 350 Bravo profile. It was a json file. I put it in the aircraft's folder in X-plane, but it didn't seem to be there or do anything. I still had just the default controls.


Once we download a Bravo Throttle Quadrant profile, how do we get it to work in X-plane?

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  • Administrator



a downloaded profile (.json) you have to import and activate with the Honeycomb Configurator as I know.

So best way: HC Configurator: Settings -  Import Profiles....

Then: HC Configurator: Profiles: Select Profiles (and load your profile). Then Actions: Activate Current profile.

You see the activated profile at the blue bottom line with the HC Configurator.

Then with X-Plane 11 goto plugins - honeycomb - BFC Throttle - reload bindings.

That shall work.


But as Ben said: The loaded bindings you only see in the HC Configurator.


Greets Heinz

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