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Still Trojan warning with EDDF

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Since this topic was closed, with a wrong hint to the problem, i reopen it.


I dont install my addons in the Prepar3DAddons folder and also have this problem. Also that all apps that change files have this i cant really see. I have over 200 airports, with at least 25 from Aerosoft, this is happening with exactly 1 of them, EDDF.


Lets say i believe you that its a false positive, i still cant install it.... When i unblock it it will again and again getting blocked and in the end the configurator doesnt work and the sim has scenery problems.


What can i do?

Standard Win Defender with Win 10 Pro




Unblocking doesnt help. It will continue installing without the blocked file because the installer doesnt stop doing things while unblocking. So always some files will be corrupted since its a temp file that is getting blocked and while you unblock it the installer already did other things, like mentioned.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

As far back as I can remember, the standard advice in the flight sim world as been to disable computer security while installing addon software.  This prevents temp files from being quarantined and other negative affects during the installation process.  Myself and others have written lengthy disseratations explaining why developers of security software have rarely cared to exclude flight sim addons so that false postives don't occur and at this point it's up to the individual to either accept this or not and move forward accordingly.


In the end it's your system and you shold operate it has you feel comfortable.  All I'm doing is reporting on the facts and reporting how to avoid problems.  What I do is disable compujer security, run the installer, and re-enale computer security directly after the installation is complete.


Best wishes.


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