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Version 1.21.1 of Flightplan Visualizer released

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Version 1.21.1 have just been released, and it can be downloaded from AVSIM using this link:


As written in another post version 1.20 was skipped due to a bug introducted in version 1.19 regarding the version check. To mention a few things this version comes with A LOT more biz-jet flightsplans (692 where the previous only had about 380). This version will automatic move obsolete and defuct flightplans to the diabled sub-folder, but this can be disabled in settings. Here is a link for the video recorded for version 1.21 explaining how you can manage your flightplans (to ensure new versions are installed at each update), and what else have changed in this version:



Here below is a full list of all changes in version 1.21.1

  • Due to a bug introduced in version 1.19 regrading the (automatic/manual) version-check, version 1.20 was skipped and this version was released as 1.21.1 (in stead of 1.21.0).
  • Beside the season based commercial flightplans, the "Download AIG flightplans" menu-item (found in the "Flightplan" menu) is now able to download (AIG) GA- and Military-flightplans. A big thank you to AIG for granting access to these.
  • Reorded the download-folders (in the combo-box), so the season-based AIG commercial folders are displayed in chronological order (e.g. "SUMMER_2020" is before "WINTER_2020-2021").
  • When scanning for/loading flightplans the program will now automatic look for flightplans marked as defunct or obsolete, and if found these will be move to the "Disabled" sub-folder. Two new settings have been added, so you can disable this feature if you want to.
  • Aircraft-types can now be grouped in families of similar aircraft (e.g. a group containing all the Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321). These families can be managed via the "User Aircraft" menu-item.
  • Removed menu-item "Index of AIG flightplans" in the "Flightplan" menu, as its not needed since the "Download AIG flightplans" was added in version 1.16 (May 2020).
  • Minor changes to the flightplan-name grooming algoritm (e.g. spaces are inserted before/after ampersand, if not already present) and prefix can be added to indicate the type of flightplan (e.g. for biz-jet, government or military flights). Detection of this prefix can be disable in settings.
  • Dropped support for the old ".FPL" flightplan file-format. Since version 1.11 (july 2019) FV have been using the binary ".BFP" file-format in stead.
  • Based on active flightplans, the program will try to detect primary- and secondary-hubs for each airline. An airport must have flights to atleast 10 different airports for that airline, in order to be considdered being either a primary/secondary hub for that airline. This information is displayed both in the airline edit-form and the airline usage-report.
  • The airline usage-report will also list all destinations served by the airline (ordered by which airports are flying to most different airports).
  • The airline usage-report will now also contain a list of the routes served by that airline (as carrier or operator). This list is sorted so the routes that are most flown (per week) comes first.
  • Added an extra tab-page to the Airport-info form that shows which airlines have routes to/from the airport, and which airlines are using the airport as a primary or secondary hub.
  • Added (right-click) context-menu to many aircraft/airline list-views, that lets you lookup aircraft-/airline -information.
  • Added power-conversion to the unit-conversion form, to convert between HP (Horse-Power) and kW (kilo watt).
  • Also added context-menu to the carrier/operator labels in the Leg-info form to show more details for the airline. Likewise the aircraft-labels have a context-menu for showing aircraft-details
  • Removed a few columns from the form choosing favorite aircraft-types, as this info can now be obtained via the new context-menu.
  • Added a column with engine-type/count in the aircraft browser.
  • Minor changes to the airport redirection report (to align some values in columns, making it more easy to read the report).
  • Added a few hard-coded names to the author-name grooming-method, to unify differnt spellings of the "same names". Also added flightplan/author-count to the "Flightplan per author" report.
  • Swapped the operator/carrier-count showed next to size-category in the user-airline edit form (now first value is operator and 2nd is carrier).
  • Minor change to the airline-criteria in the leg-search to simplify selection (removed options: "Carrier only" and "Operator only").
  • Fixed: The "Download AIG flightplans" form was not able to download flightplans with an ampersand ("&") in the name.
  • Fixed: Once again improved importing of AIGFP flightplans where airport data is using different ICAO-codes (observed with 15 or so of the new BizJet flightplans, e.g. "ESAI_Aero-TechServices(GA-C)_Winter_2020-2021").
  • Fixed: Issued with the program version-check (both automatic and manual) introduced in version 1.19. Resulting in this version being released as 1.21.1.
  • Fixed: Sometimes closing (without saving) the form for editing user-aircraft it would sometime report there were unsaved changes, even though it was not the case.
  • Fixed: Only the active sub fp-folders were scanned for backup files. Now the main fp-folder is scanned for backups as well.
  • Data: Some of the aircraft-types sharing the same IATA/ICAO-codes have been split into multiple new types (e.g. the Beechcrafts, Cessnas, Pipers and Learjets). This was done to better detect the specific aircraft-types in use (all bundled flightplans have been reprocessed to re-detect the specific types).
  • Data: A few aircraft can now be detected (during flightplan import) using their millitary designation (e.g. Boeing C-22, C-32, C-40, and Gulfstream C-20 and C-37).
  • Data: Improved detection of a few "De Havilland" aircraft.
  • Data: Added a couple of new aircraft-types (Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, Transall C-160 and a few aircraft without official IATA/ICAO-codes, hence using "---" as the IATA-code for these).
  • Flightplans: Thanks to the new feature to download (AIG) GA/Military-flightplans a LOT of new flightplans have been bundled with the installer (a few government and military flightplans, but mostly BizJet). The previous installer came bunled with 385 Bizjet flightplans, however in this version many of these have been updated and a lot more have been added, bringing the total count of BizJet flightplans to +690. All BizJet are prefixed by "Bz_", all Government are prefixed by "Gv_" and all military are prefixed by "Ml_", in case you want to move these to differnt sub-folders using the "enable/disable flightplans" menu-item.
  • Flightplans: All new/updated flightplans have been added to the installer, and all obsolete/defunct have been marked/removed. A total of 1481 active flightplans are bundled with the installer (incl. all of the previous mentioned BizJet's).


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