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Find adequate airports button not appearing

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Hi guys


I recently noticed that when I am planning airbus (never happend with 737, 777 or 747) flights the find adequate airport button does not always appear before I can compute my flight. After entering the route and payload the button changes directly to compute flight. Even if I enter some adequate airports myself, they are not used in the flight planning. I noticed that in the route chart the green boxes with the airport ICAO are missing as well, so i assume not adequate planning was done at all.


Any ideas?


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Hello Dani,


Just to be sure the 'Find Alternates' button should sequence which should then list alternates and also 'Adequates'.


Is it only the adequates that are not listing?


If so post a snapshot from the aircraft editor general tab of a registration that you are having problems with.

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Hello Stephen


That is confirmed, the button starts with randon payload, then goes to find route and then to find alternates. Normally I would then expect it to jump to find adequates but it goes directly to compute flight and having the adequate airports box (below alternates) actually filled out with information.


Can you see any mistake in the screenshot?





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