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A319 PL2WINSAT model

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Image kind of says it all really..... Recently done a fresh install of my entire system. Installed the Airbus did the update to latest version etc etc. Load up each model to check all are ok and the A319 IAE PL2WINSAT model has no landing gear, the GPU is buried into the side of the door, the door itself is half open and the rudder is deflected... I have a legal copy of both the A318/319 Pro and A320/321 Pro from Simmarket. 


None of the other models have this issue... Just the PL2WINSAT model... 



My specs, P3D (4.5) settings Etc are all as they once were prior to the fresh install and I know I didn't have this problem 2 days ago as I flew this exact model......


Help? Suggestions? 




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Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately not...  I'm looking at it from the Spot View. Everything in the cockpit loads up fine, I can put a route in the FMS etc but obviously the outside isn't quite right...

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Hallo Aerosoft,


dieser Fehler im Airbus A319 IAE ist schon seit Febr./März Aerosoft bekannt.

Wann kommt denn endlich mal ein Update für die Busse.

Auf die Anpassungen zum Thrustmaster Airbus Add-on warten wir auch schon viele Monate.

Scheinbar konzentriert man sich bei Aerosoft nur noch auf FS2020 und hat für treue P3D Kunden

keine Zeit übrig.


Gruß Helmut


Hello Aerosoft,

this bug in the Airbus A319 IAE is already known to Aerosoft since Feb/March.
When will there finally be an update for the buses.
We have been waiting for the Thrustmaster Airbus add-on for many months.
Apparently Aerosoft concentrates only on FS2020 and has no time left for loyal P3D customers.
no time left.

Greetings Helmut

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