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Problem/mistakes and misses with Bergen Airport (ENBR) Aerosoft scenery.

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Hello folks! I recently bought the Bergen Airport Scenery for X-Plane 11. As a person who flies quiet a lot to the airport I was very disappointed to see that the T3 (New terminal) is not included in the scenery, but only as a construction site. After completion, the new T3 terminal serves the airport's domnetic routes, while the older T2 serves the international marked. The fact that i cannot use T3 makes flying domnesticlly out/in to the airport unrealitic as i am unable to use the proper terminal. I know this is not an issue to many people, but to me as a person who often is around and using the airport in RL, it would be very nice to be able to use the new T3 in the sim as well with the scenery. The scenery for xplane 11 was released a long time after T3 was completed and it would therefor have been more natural to include it.


Another smaller, yet important Issue that I found was on the south apron of the airport (Stand 1 - 11). It has very much lack of details in terms of ground markings, which i again find very disappointing. The Stands is also too short. When i spawn in on one of them with a 737-800, the tail crosses the parking edge line (Yellow) when in real world, a 737-800 fit perfectly inside the makrings (stand 6 - 11). There is also some lack of ground markins in the north area/de-ice platform.


Overall I find the Scenery, textures, buildings and mesh to be very good and I really enjoy the airport, It just misses some small, yet very important details and fixes.


I hope this could be fixed to the next update, if there is any work for it. This would change my mind about recommening this product to other X-Plane/sim users.




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