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Suddenly the elevator axis is moving the altitude knob on Autopilot.


Uinstalled the CRj and nothing is programmed on the Honeycomb Alpha; unless the elevator.


Something wrong. But 110% secure; nothing is mapped on the Alpha axis than the elevator axis.


Please help.


Only an Issue in the CRJ - never happens to other aircrafts.

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  • Root Admin

I am sorry, but even though you are 110% sure, this simply has to be a double assignment. If there would be a bug we would have seen hundreds of very upset customers.


If you are sure it is, just start with a 100% empty profile and start to assign axis and buttons. 

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Dear Sir,


The elevator is an axis.
The altitude knob must be controlled by a ON/OFF contact.
-----> There are very few chances for the elevator to DIRECTLY drive the altitude knob.


Can you please make three tests : 
- 1 - Make a search on axis in the controller configuration to show the functions assigned to the elevator axis.

- 2 - Mage a search on the PA altitude  setting function in the controller configuration to show the buttons or any trigger assigned to it.

- 3 - Go in the Windows Joystick utility and see if, by chance, the movment ot the elevator axis would not trigger some "ghost" input that would 

         control the PA altitude  setting. (Just move the yoke and look for inputs to illuminate


I suppoes you are not using any third party software such as Spad.Next or AxesAndOhs ?


Best regards.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Dear Carl,


This might be the case. AxisAndOhs can work on L-Vars (Internal variables of and addon)
And there are different L-Vars to visually move a button on the dashborad and to actually change the value that buttons is controlling.

The problem you seem to have (Button moving with sound - altitude not changing) could be related to some L-vars being addressed, from within AxisAndOhs.

Do you use AxisAndOhs? And if yes, do you know exactly what script or data-addressing it does ?


Best regards. 

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