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Contrail Not Recognizing Already Installed V1.0.5.0?


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I have contrail for other third party software, and I usually use the Aerosoft updater or website for updates. I am on version based on the ASU updater as I updated it when it came out. Yesterday contrail began telling me that a new update was available to install to V.


I want to get rid of the contrail notification but I'm afraid that if I hit update it may conflict with the Aerosoft files. Any suggestions? 




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As Contrail is a distribution system that sells Aerosoft products and not the other way around, this isn't the place to ask. This site is for support of Aerosoft developed and/or sold products and not other channels.


I found a website for them but not any contact information, so I don't have a good suggestion of where to send you. I've had the same issue with one of my add-ons covered but not bought through them and I recall having the same experience. I just ignore the message because I know mine is current.

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