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Am I correct when programming the above mentioned item that for every action I need to assign to a binding key that I should create an event I'm trying to do this in Xplane 11, forgive me if I'm posting this in the incorrect section I await the advice of a person far more familiar with programming than I as this subject is completely new to me. Many thanks in advance. Frank

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Dear Francis,

As far as I understand you question, the answer is yes.
You need to assign buttons and axis to functions in Xplane.
You can do it either from within the simulator or with the configurator available from the Bravo quadrant product page

or a mix of both.
In the latter case, be carefull not to have unwanted double assignment to a same button or axis.

Se here Heinz's tutorial section on the Honeycomb configurator for Xplane :


Best regards.

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