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AS Updater doesn't detect CRJ

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So I posted in this thread

It was closed saying it appeared to solve the issue, not for me so here goes creating my own thread



Bought original version from Aerosoft shop

Updated to Patch by downloading build from shop (if I remember correctly) was released and apparently can only be downloaded via AS Updater

When running AS Updater the CRJ is not detected (however I have used the updater before and it did show the CRJ as an option down the left hand side)

This is what I see now..


[url=https://imgbb.com/]upload image free[/url]

^^^^Not sure why this isn't showing properly but down the left under "installed products" on the AS Updater its just blank.


I do have XP11 installed and used to have P3D, I thought I uninstalled it but might have some registry entries left hanging around.  Either way this didn't prevent the CRJ from showing in the AS updater previously, something has gone awry.


As per the above thread I reinstalled CRJ from my Aerosoft account but still the AS updater is not showing the CRJ to update to latest build?

Confusing thing is I now only have installed and no way to get or indeed


I have attached copy of the log file as requested.


EDIT:  Even worse now I don't see the CRJ at all as a selectable aircraft in the AIRLINERS section from the World Map.


Would appreciate some help to get back up and running please.




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ok so I have just removed everything again from community folder and cleared out the Aerosoft folder from \Documents which contained the AS updater.  I then used the full build from the shop to download the installer.


I can now see the CRJ in the sim but I'm running which is the full build from the aerosoft shop.  It says in "instant downloads" is available via AS Updater but I am back to my original problem, when I launch AS Updater it doesn't detect the CRJ so can't update to latest version, very frustating!


Why don't you just do a full build and host this in your shop instead of getting me to jump through hoops.



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I am having the exact same issue. My ASUpdater just refuses to work and I can't update any of my products. I sent a ticket and posted over in the Updater Support section and have gotten no response. AS REALLY needs to just push full updated builds to customers' Instant Downloads page. This is absolutely ridiculous. 

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