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Wrong Controller Assignment


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I have an incorrect controller configuration being created.


I have four controllers with the following name (from file mapping2.lua).


CH Pro Pedals USB (joy0) (CH)
T.A320 Pilot (joy1) (Thrustmaster)
Flight Throttle Quadrant (joy2) (Saitek)
Flight Throttle Quadrant (joy3) (Saitek)


I can configure everything through the interface, with all four controllers, but controller joy3 does not work.


As joy1 I also had Honeycomp Alpha in use. I have the same problem with it. Therefore, it is not due to the Thrustmaster joystick.


I think the problem is because I have two same controllers with the same names. But I do not know if this is really the reason.


The error now is the following. In the file mapping2.lua everything is correct, but in the file binding2.dat the entries of joy3 were entered with "joy2".


After I changed the entries manually from joy2 to joy3, everything works.



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