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WoA: Glider Simulator reviewed by Gaming City

Mathijs Kok

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Translated conclusion:

" In "World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator", you can experience a realistic flight simulation experience created by a game engine originally developed by the game studio "Aerosoft", which has produced many sim games . Enjoy the finest flight while admiring the magnificent scenery of about 2,500 square kilometers. The map is based on a view of the area around Mannheim, Germany, all of which is "manually" crafted . There is "Herrenteich Airport" with high-definition details in the map, and the scenery just like reality spreads out. The game world with thorough realism is immersive, and it is the best sim game.


The scenery of the sky seen from the pilot's point of view is also reproduced by high-definition modeling, and you can fly while looking at clouds with dynamic animation elements and vehicles and ships moving under your eyes, so the satisfaction level is very high. In addition, the sound side is also emphasized, and the reality is improved by adding a number of fine sounds. The style that has been created in every detail is amazing.


"World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator" where you can experience realistic sim elements

▲ We are generously putting in a number of elements to recreate the real-world glider flight experience within the sim.


All the behaviors of the aircraft and gliders appearing in the work are reproduced based on the actual flight test data, and the dynamics when air resistance occurs are also calculated individually, so you can enjoy the flight with an overwhelming sense of reality. It has become. It is a new PC game where you can feel the spirit of "Aerosoft" who spares no effort to produce the best simulation work.


It goes without saying that you can enjoy a leisurely stay in the sky on a solo free flight, and you can have a lot of ways to play with multiplayer, such as having a friend user pull you or taking on an aerobatic flight with everyone. Immerse yourself in the charm of flight sims. If you want to experience an unprecedentedly realistic flight sim , visit the store now!

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