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FMS - Holding INBD CRS

Andrea P.

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I was struggling a bit with the holding into the FMS up to now (how the CRJ fly them is already asked/discussed in another thread I already opened).

Now I'm pointing at the INBD CRS.


Whenever I create an holding and I want to insert the INBD CRS I type into the fms the digits (i.e. 340/L) and I enter the course value into the INBD CRS field of the Holding page.

The FMS automatically changes the inserted value into another one! I tried it several times and probably I realized how, when I insert a course value (which is Magnetic Course) the FMS thinks I'm telling him a true value and converts it to the mag one with the variation of the area. It could be?


Anyway, it seems to be definitely a wrong behaviour.

The FMS Holding page should receive and keep MY input of course without any manipulation.

If I set 340/L I mean magnetic, if I set 340T/L I mean a course with True north reference (according to Collins FMS manuals...).


Can you kindly check it and, in case, fix it next time (hopefully together the other big issue I have with the holdings: 


Thank you guys


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