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Opposite turns during flight

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@Hans Hartmann


Hi Hans


Thanks for 

For me it works like a charm so far. Today made 2 flights ... EHAM-ENVA and back again.

Throttle works way better now and no shortcuts at turns and no zigzagging ... so very happy.

ILS spot on with both landings¬†ūüôā¬†


However ... on both flights .. on 3 separate occasions the CRJ turned left intercepting the next waypoint ... instead of right ( or other way around ).


The shortest way to turn was right for example ... the flightplan also showed right ....  and despite that it turned left..

After manually turning to the right with HDG .. and intercept of the original flightplan ... i could press NAV again and the CRJ followed its path towards the next waypoint.


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@Hans Hartmann

@Mathijs Kok


hi Mathijs


see below for the return flight … landing runway 06 EHAM.


i do not recall the name of the first waypoint that had the issue (was after EEL ). The second time it happened was when i was downwind 06 ( HDG select on ) … and then switched on NAV to turn towards the EH614 if i remember correctly.




i do not have the plan anymore for eham-enva. … but i remember it was also during STAR / Approach runway 27 .

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