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WoA: Glider Simulator reviewed by PCInvasion

Mathijs Kok

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PCInvasion reviewed WoA: Glider Simulation very positive and gives it a 7/5 score.  They conclude:


"At only $30, which is less expensive than some add-ons for the larger sims, this a really great package for younger/more casual players who can be introduced to the world of flight sims through this. That’s really all I could think about as I played: it’s so simple and unintimidating that I could easily hand this to a younger person and let them build some skill. Considering that gliders are used as training aircraft in the real-world, World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator really does hit the nail on the head after all. Glider Simulator keeps things simple through and through. It's easy to learn for an up-and-coming sim fan, easy to run, and easy to get lost in for hours thanks to its small, but immersive virtual world. While it may be small, it's still a solid package if you look at it from the right perspective."

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