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My rudder is mapped through FSUIPC.

Steering on the ground works 100% with the rudder ...

... but when using the rudder the pedals in the air the pedals do not even move in VC making cross wind landings impossible.


I've checked and rechecked everything including following the checklist to a T ... and seeing that rudder is working with ALL other aircraft, it could not be a hardware or setup problem. 

Am I missing something, somewhere, somehow?

Any suggestions, advice, or tips?

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Never mind ... I've figured it out.

The rudder setting in FSUIPC for the CRJ should be Axis Rudder Set and not just Rudder Set. Everything is working now.

Can't believe it took me a week to solve the problem and one post on the forum made me think of something els.

Anyway - it works now.

Looking forward to the next update.

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