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CRJ-700 MAX - The CRJ-700 nosediving and hitting the ground for no apparent reason..

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Ok, so I just had an experience..


Like the name suggests it is related to a feature we saw in the Boeing 737MAX crashes, the plane suddenly nosediving and hitting the ground..


So I was flying over northern France, I was starting my decent and was looking at the overhead panel. Suddenly, without me touching a button, the plane does a barrel roll and starts nosediving at over -30000FPM. I disconnect the autopilot and do everything in my power to recover, trimming full nose up, full flaps etc.. nothing works.. 


I end up coming out of the clouds and hitting the ground like a rocket, it was as if the flight control surfaces werent working.


Has this happened to anyone? May I have done something to trigger this? 

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

There's a dedicated forum for each of the two CRJs. Please look around the one for your product and post in the appropriate section there, as the title of this section states "General Discussion (No Support)". Aerosoft CRJ - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES for the (new) MFS version and CRJ 550/700/900/1000 - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES for the P3D version.

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