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ShadeX blurry screen issue

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Hi all. Hope you can help. 
Shade x has been working properly but with a GPU driver update there is an issue with the display  
Remove ShadeX and the main display goes to normal but the plug-in user interfaces still don’t work. Pictures shownF52090E0-5F42-410A-B0C9-225202C31BED.thumb.png.b60e44b6c86cbcd55252c252d1b3c0f0.png85DAAD2B-BE1F-4F0D-87C3-EA688BC549B1.thumb.png.40dbbd502940861358b4053384fb4a89.png

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I got some information and a possible workaround from the programmer which in theory should work with later AMD drivers:

  • Open file "X-Plane 11/Output/preferences/shadeX/config.json" with a text editor
  • Change value "usePostWindowCallback": false to "usePostWindowCallback": true
  • Save file and check if the issue is solved

Please report back if this is working for you.




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Hi thank you for the replies. 

I downloaded an old driver and that has fixed the issue but no I know how to fix it I’ll update the driver again and and try the second fix

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