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I just purchased the CRJ 700/900 and I am having a lot of difficulties.

1 - I expected to find a User Manual. In the Aerosoft site when I tried to download the Manual it gave my a message that I was not authorized. After a lot of problems and discovered a site that let me view CRJ manuals.

2 - How do I get the 2D panels?

3 - The panel.cfg does not have

Display/hide main panel SHIFT+1
Display/hide radios SHIFT+2
Display/hide GPS SHIFT+3
Display/hide engine controls SHIFT+4
Display/hide overhead panel SHIFT+5
Display/hide backup PFD SHIFT+6
Display/hide PFD SHIFT+7
Display/hide MFD SHIFT+8

Display/hide EFIS


instead I get different views of the Virtual Cockpit panels.

Bill S.





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  • Developer

That's the intended behaviour. We didn't create any 2D panels (except for displays) but instead used the respective shortcuts to control the virtual cockpit camera.

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