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AC total black in cruise

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flying lepa-egnx just entering the englisch coast, fl360 and  a 1/2 houre to eta..

the A319 went total black , not because fuel is empty , no restart possible.

how is that possible???

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

This is an old issue causeb by some DRM stuff used by Carenado aircraft/AI aircraft using Carenado models. Please use the search function to find more deatils about this.

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i know this was a problem .I have with the crj pro. I did not know it with the airbus also.

its wondering me that after a new fresh install , because off the crj pro troubles , i use the airbus pro and carenado  without faillures.

so it came out off the blue yesterday .

the only difference with other flights it was dark . normally i fly in daytime.

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