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Hey All, 


I love the CRJ to bits.

But I have a small problem with my crz speed from time to time.

Checked the forums here for this issue, but I feel my one is a little different.


Did a flight from EDDB to EDDL yesterday and my crz was set to FL370.

No problem climbing and all, no problem reaching crz alt when switching to a mild climb of 500 fpm from FL300 on.

The normal CRJ behaviour I've learned is that it will continue climbing and accelerating to crz with no problem.


After reaching FL370 I couldn't really accelrate though and this is my problem. Had this during various flights, but I can't reproduce it during every flight.

It's a bit weird. Lever stuck in CLB and I couldn't go over M0.62. Even full throttle and high pwr schedule don't do anything.

Repeated the flight and the issue was gone.


So I'm aware of the spoiler + ESC key issue. I unbound the spoilers and operate them with my mouse now.

No ice. It also happens when I set icing to "cosmetic only".


So my problem is not a real frustrator as you can keep flying, but it's weird though.

Any ideas? Bug in the sim since the last update?


Happy to hear your thoughts. :)




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You are climbing far, far, too slow. Rule of thumb, when you transition from IAS to Mach you NEVER want to be slower then .74. You are currently in the region of reverse command and at altitude this aircraft WILL NOT accelerate in level flight.

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