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Madrid Airport LEMD - X-Plane 11

Andrew Russell

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Hello Guys , I Purchased Madrid airport LEMD , for xplane11 love every thing about it , the big issue I have is very low FPS , I get 5 or 2 fps on my X-plane 11 , I'm still using 11.41 ( OGL ) Not Vulkan version because the 11.5x I have a lot of issues with it with my sceneries . 


my pc specs are 

Ram 32GB

GPU RTX 2080Ti

CPU i9k

SSD Samsung 2TB 


my Nvidia control panel options are


power management mode : optimal power

threaded optimization  Auto 

Triple Buffering : off

Vsync : use 3d application settings ( On ) 




I bought a lot of sceneries from Aerosoft never had like this problem .


any help would be appreciated ! 


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  • Administrator

Hello Andrew,


I cannot test it here with XP 11.41 anymore. I am using 11.53.


But please send us your Log file (Log.txt from the installed X-Plane 11 folder) as a file attachement.

May be we see more in it.


With your Hardware, 5 fps are not ok. There is may be another problem beside that you are using OpenGL.

OpenGL is slower than Vulkan, but 5 fps is to low I think.


Greets Heinz

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