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PFPX and Vatsim

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Hi All


Wonder if someone can help. I recently reinstalled ver 2.04  and everything seems to work correctly other than

the vatsim traffic connection. When i press the connect to vatsim the wheel just keeps turning. If i check

connection it reports test connection succesful. IVAO traffic will display ok. I have installed vat-spy and this

works correctly. I have never had a problem before, so dont understand it. Can anyone shed any light on the

subject please


Andrew Beaumont

Student pilot

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There is a legacy proxy available, which might help. I have not tested it. But this proxy should provide the datafedd to legacy programs. In the VATGER forum you will find an article about this piece of software. The only problem: It's in German language.




Maybe this fixes the problem. But as I said: I have not tested it, as I use VATSPY for checking VATSIM traffic.




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1 hour ago, mfhansen82 said:

There also seems to be a problem with sending the flightplan directly to the vPilot (at least for xPilot), which complains about the format. 


Export from PFPX using the Squawkbox 3 or Vatsim option to a location of choice.


From the vPilot flightplan load dialogue change the file type from .vfp to .sfp and import from your saved location.


Alternatively use the SEND option for Vatsim pre-file.



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