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Oh just checked online and the runway should be suitable. But the navdata of the CRJ and the sim do not match. So it may well be, that the airport is not part of the aircrafts data base even if the sim knows it. 

I think the CRJ is delivered with a outdated AIRAC and you would need to buy software to keep it up to date. 

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According to the current Navigraph AIRAC cycle the length of Rwy 06/24 is of 6234 ft. (that's also what Wikipedia is saying)

According to the current NavDataPro AIRAC cycle the length of Rwy 06/24 is 4232 ft.


So the reason why the CRJ displays this airport not to be in the database is because that the runway length is less than 4500 ft, according to the used navigation database.


The NavDataPro data is provided by Lufthansa Systems and only they are able to get this fixed. Aerosoft is not allowed to perform any modifications in the provided navigation data.


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