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CRJ 700 Autopilot is not able to follow an ILS Glide Slope

Claus Jensen

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I have been been flying this great aircraft since it was released…and have only found the above issue that spoils every ILS landing.
Just go to minute 32 on the below video to see an example of this bug.

I am asking the developers to add this to the next update.

thank you



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Hi Captain. This has been brought up to the Aerosoft developers several times, and it seems it is a complex issue that they are tying to resolve. It is some how on how the MSFS/Asobo GS behaves, and through third-party entities in some of the tutorial videos indicate that Aerosoft is working on developing their own GS model, but it could take time.


It is a great aircraft that is very enjoyable to fly until you get the the final ILS approach. So far Aerosoft's response has been to hand-fly the CRJ, but when just drops as show on your video, the aircraft is badly trimmed and the landing becomes a rollercoaster. I normally disconnect the A/P in advance prior to capturing the G/S, so I can trim it for landing and hand fly all the way down.


However, in bad weather, with only a single-pilot, the workload is to intense when trying to address trim issues as well as speed control, and it is not much fun to fly.


At this time, I am just using it once or twice a week, with clear weather and short flights to stay current, and really hope that Aerosoft finds a fix and get it released prior to the CRJ 900/1000 release.  

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@Claus Jensen Do you have icing set to visual only - if not, try that. Also are you on the latest version of the CRJ? With these two parameters in place I have not experienced what you are in the video. Only a tendency to fly a bit below the GS.


Would recommend asking this in the proper support forums for the CRJ as official support is not provided here - Aerosoft CRJ - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

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On 27.4.2021 at 23:39, enriqueo62 sagte:

the workload is to intense when trying to address trim issues as well as speed control, and it is not much fun to fly.


perfect description of how way too many landings go for me in the CRJ!


My suspicion is something with the plane's center of gravity is or gets messed up. Probably because of this, the CRJ gets sluggish at low speed, making landings very hard to fly manually. So hard it even overwhelms the AP.


After many bad landings I tried this: before the flight, I set aft cargo weight to Zero on the EFB Performance page. Result: a beautiful, stable and precise approach in APP mode, all the way down to DH. So nice to watch! 


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It seems the GS Hold  should be fixed


Here's the list of changes:
- Changed ETA calculation to base on current UTC time instead of ATD
- Fixed NAV frequencies on MCDU Radio Page showing 0.0 after LOC tuned
- Fixed Coupled VNAV not initiating descent
- Limited range for PFD slip indicator
- Limited range for PFD flight director
- ETA calculation on MFD DATA FPLN Progress page
- ETA calculation on MCDU PERF INIT page 3/3
- Improvements to GPWS mode 3 (altitude loss after takeoff)
- Improvements to GPWS mode 5 (below glideslope)
- Flaps/Slats EICAS animation corrected
- Flaps/Slats exterior model animation corrected
- Added custom glide path calculation
- Adapted GS Hold to custom GS
- Fixed wrong lbs-kg conversion in EFB ZFW input
- Removed duplicate PA "Remain Seated" after landing
- Added "Low cost carrier" mode for PA and FD announcements (no drinks, no coffee, no sandwiches)
- Increased volume for Gear Up/Down sounds inside the cockpit
- VNAV improvements. Better handling of intermediate level offs
- Fixed EFB ZFW input
- Fixed transparency issue with CRJ-550/700 LOD1 models
- Added functions to allow 180+ degree turns into a given direction
- Added reduced bank angle to MSFS version
- Fixed CF Leg drawing for right turns (Test case: EGHH/26 - EGHH/ILS26/BIA)
- Verified CF Leg drawing for left turns (Test case: EGHI/20 - EGHI/20/EAS)
- Last direct waypoint now disappears from DIR INTC page after the aircraft passed it.
- Fixed route zig zagging
- Fixed bearing pointers
- Fixed missing SID-Enroute transitions at end of list
- Fixed wrong heading calculation if both longitudes on a track are equal
- Added support for hardware flaps axis
- Added support for hardware spoiler axis
- Fixed ALT mode switching to ALTS CAP instead of PITCH
- Added icao_xxx entries to aircraft.cfg
- Updated CRJ-550 model
- Custom Glideslope Hold
- Landing and takeoff behavior improvements in flight model
- Fixed arc and radius to fix drawing routines
- New throttle control mechanics via Simconnect
- Improved ground and flight spoiler effects
- Cruise performance fine tuned to new atmospheric model
- Take off rotation improved by modified slats/flaps behaviour and new V-Stabilizer calculation
- Improved flight spoiler to meet real world descent rates
- Improved ground spoiler effect for correct lift dumping effect at touch down
- Over all stability in flight improved to feel less wind and turbulence effects
- All flaps stages matching operating handbook reference data and are based on new flaps model
- Correct CoG empty display in modified UI
- UI Load stations with max value reference data
- Fixed (INTC) to Arc leg sequencing (GCFV/01 LORP4Q SID)
- Added arrow in flightplan display for arc legs (RF/AF) with the overfly flag set


Please note that the readme file mentions v1.0.2.0. We pushed that number to later to align it with the version number used on Microsoft's marketplace.

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