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MCDU changing aircraft state, changes loads/fuel.


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God day aerosoft pilots,


I am owner and "pilot" of A318/319 buses and need to say it is one of the greatest products I have in my fleet at the moment. 

Need to say that check list and co pilot functions on this aircraft are awesome and they made me understand real world pilots job even better. 

However, I do have some issues when trying to have short flights and want to save time by skipping checklist and simply change the state of aircraft in the MCDU.

So for example, I configure my planes loads and fuel as per simbrief generated flight plan. Generate load sheet and upload it. Here everything works fine. 

But when I get clearance to taxi and as I mentioned I am trying to skip checklist procedure, I am pushing "ready to taxi" state button. And it works for skipping checklist and I can continue from taxi checklist, but what I have noticed, that it always automatically changes pax, cargo and fuel figures to some standard values, always the same. This changes ZFW and other parameters, what requires to reprogram left side MCDU. So I was wondering if I have missed to check some option for that, or how does it work? I can load generated load sheet again and do instant load, but that is not the most preferable option. 

I would appreciate any help that could help me to solve this small issues and make my pilots day easier.


Regards, Viktor.

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Thank you for your super fast reply, that is really much appreciated and sign of high quality service!

Well, as I said, it changes back to generated load sheet values again if I do instant load, so I guess this can be accepted and is no longer an issue. 

The reason I am trying to skip those checklists on short flights, in first place is to save time and just relax flying the plane. When I do longer flights, I do it with all checklist included.

But also changing aircraft state with a button press, allows me to skip default pushback/start procedures. 

Well, if I am at the gates where only start procedure is required, than default ground services are ok, but if I need a push back, than sorry to say, but it doesn't do the job right. So I want to use FS2Crew for that, but than those two services interfere with each other and there is a mess. 

I guess there is only one way to by pass push back services and that's to change aircraft state again? 

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Our Checklists features work only correct if you start them from the defined aircraft states.

You can multiple times change the aircraft state. But weights are then every time back to default.

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