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NavData Pro - LIDO RFC charts updated....some charts give blank screen when trying to print "Page 2"


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Looks like we now have updated RFC charts in NDP (for which I am most thankful). All charts, when selected, will load fine, but I find a few that when you select Page 2 of the chart, then press the Print icon, all you get is a large blank "NDP" window....the small "Preparing Chart for Printing" window which normally appears does not appear at all....just this large white, blank window....then, if you close that window, NDP hangs or crashes.


Running on Windows 10.


Two examples would be EH 4H, page 2; and EH 5H, page 2.


The above problem aside, it is nice to have updated RFC's back again !


Any help on above issue would be appreciated - thanks.



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Well, the chart files do now print, but the resolution is much worse than previous....any attempt to enlarge printout beyond A4 size renders the chart completely unreadable. I also note the chart downloads much quicker suggesting to me the file size must be smaller.


It's disappointing to not be able to use the chart in anything near a readable size.


In previous versions, this was easily possible.


Any chance you can look at that issue ?? Would be appreciated.

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