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Winglets on the CRJ7

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Our livery for most of our aircraft include having a logo on the winglets.


All previous version for FSX/P3D, etc. we were able to paint our logo on the winglets. However with the CRJ for FS20, there is only one set of textures for the winglets and when we place our logo on it, it is reversed on the other side of the aircraft.


Can this be fixed in a future update?



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Hi CXA001!


Attached is an image from the paintkit manual to the MSFS CRJ700 paintkit. As the winglets in the base texture are of too low resolution for razor sharp winglet details, there exists a special decal surface just for painting this region.


Please check the image, it should tell you about the texture you need to adapt for your paint. Make sure you learn how to use transparency masks in case you not fill the whole winglet with a uniform color. There is a unique decal


for every wingtip side in this texture in a rather large size. For the relative position on the winglet you can refer to the included UV layout layer.


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