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First images of the larger versions. Next Liveries are SAS, Air Nostrum, Air France Hop! and a nice SkyWest 35th anniversary paint. All new fuselage, wings and belly.    

And here come SAS...    Stefan has been experimenting some more with textures and these latest models render faster and have smaller memory demands.    

And here is SkyWest...      

Posted Images

Can I ask for an optional item ?? Can you make a clean model in addition to all the livery of the aircraft? Without any liveries decals? Is this necessary to make liveries through decals and not overload with unnecessary and unused objects?
I would like a similar thing on other aircraft (CRJ-550/700 / Twin Otter) but I'm afraid this is beyond the scope of this topic.


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Looking forward to the 900/1000 - but would really like an update for the CRJ550/700 too please (or instead). I just can't buy 900/1000 until the 550/700 is fixed.


Please take a look at the Twitch Stream from 757spy yesterday evening, he had terrible problems with the CRJ's phantom drag issue. Many people watching confirmed they had same experiences. (apologies, I know this is the wrong thread for this).

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27 minutes ago, Jude said:

The update is planned to be released after the MS2020 update. 


Great to know, thanks! :)

It makes sense to wait. The MSFS SU 4 is planned for May 25th (beta testing is in progress now)

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