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First images of the larger versions. Next Liveries are SAS, Air Nostrum, Air France Hop! and a nice SkyWest 35th anniversary paint. All new fuselage, wings and belly.    

And here come SAS...    Stefan has been experimenting some more with textures and these latest models render faster and have smaller memory demands.    

And here is SkyWest...      

Posted Images

Sooo nice! I just searched for all real world LH Cityline flights to do from EDDM. Now i think i should wait till the 900 is out... ill be that guy this time: do we have an estimate? 😅

Oh, will we get an updated cockpit with ProLine21 and also the FBW?

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Very nice, I trust you and Hans will again get an updated plane within the livery pack too!!!!


Not sure that it is on the plane(you can tell I do my own liveries!)but the slight bump that runs along the roof from the tail seems to have been removed, does anyone know what that is?

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Can you kindly fix the ILS approach for CRJ700 before releasing update? I love CRJ700 this is my favourite plane in entire game but this problem destoryes immersion completely. I play on xbox controller and landings are really painful. It would be also great if u add weather and terrain radar.

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21 hours ago, Nixxx said:

It would be also great if u add weather and terrain radar.

I don’t think Aerosoft have access to the weather radar yet due to the CRJ being coded in C++ 


4 minutes ago, Anthony Mawaya II said:

How far along are we now is the question 🤔


Well the base package released on the 16 March


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Wird der CRJ900/1000 ein Update sein oder ein komplett neues Flugzeug.

Dies würde meine Kaufentscheidung ändern, ich würde mir nicht beide kaufen wollen, aber sonst jetzt schon den 700er fliegen und später auf das Update 900er warten.

Gruß Pilotrs

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