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The old odd thing with the Printer and invisible Paper

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Hey guys,

it is not really making my life bad or something like this but was there ever a fix for the printer, if the paper is not visible (but the shadow of the paper is?)

The wired thing is, I have this issue only in the A320-A321.

In my A330 the paper will be printed and is visible :-/


P3D 4.5 HF3

AB Version





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Okay, cause I always starts my research after posting in forum... following finding.

I do regulary backups of my AB folders ;) (just to be safe after failed update or something like that) and with version from 11.09.2020 (MiscD2D.dll) the printer is working fine again.

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The next weird thing what I found out is that at the very beginning of the flight, the printer is working but after some minutes, the printer did not show the paper anymore :(

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New funny finding (if someone is interested in :D ).


If i do the power up fully manually without FS2Crew, the printer works everytime.

If I do the power up via FS2Crew, printer is not working :D


I thinking of an "window" issue if probably the Fs2Crew Menu bar (which is a gauge/window) is blocking the Printer window?

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Finally, I have a "fix" found for me.


Before you do anything (start FSCrew or something like that) press the AIDS Print button 2 times, after that start like usual.

Every print out has worked for me now, no idea why but yeah, I need new paper for the printer :P

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