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Praise for Sim-Wings EDDH - and a few wishes


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Let me start by saying I am absolutely happy with your EDDH scenery. As a local I can say you have probably made the BEST addon scenery I ever had for a flight simulator in nearly 30 years. I absolutely love how you have modeled the terrain structure, as it seems every dent, every wall, every pond is where it is in the real thing. There's details I didn't know exist and i know the airport pretty well, from land- and airside. I love how you have recreated small details like e.g. the flying club on the Lufthansa base, or the Coffe-to-fly, the ringroad along Rwy33, Terminal interior and many more. Thank you for integrating ILS data so the autotune feature in the CJ4 or A320 is usable.
However, even the best can get better, and here's my wishlist so far:

  • I noticed that some of the green taxilights are hovering above the ground, from only a tiny bit to what seems to be half a meter or more, especially in the area of taxiway D6, less ponounced at E4 - didn't check the whole airport yet.
  • Please remove the SEP (general aviation) aircraft on Apron 1, as it never happens that Apron Control assigns parking spots for those on Apron1
  • AI/Live Traffic doesn't seem to use taxilanes Z1blue or Z1orange, but always Z1 in the middle, whereas irl it's either blue or orange or both (except A380).
  • The red ground markings seem to be a tad too cartoonish, I would love to have them a tad more subdued
  • I would be glad if you could add a fence (like on the observation decks on the main terminals) according to attached image (red line) - as unfortunately irl the area of the Himmelschreiber-Café is separated from the airport - and btw: the tent is only present on the rare occasion of special events - but I'm fine with leaving it as it is. Otherwise it would be a typical Café area with chairs and tables. (you realize here's where nitpicking really starts :-))


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