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Flightsim.to reviews the CRJ

Mathijs Kok

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They conclude:"The long-awaited Aerosoft CRJ is the first more complex, detailed third-party airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator. And it fully lives up to all expectations and demands. For airliner fans, it offers a new, sophisticated challenge that is both fun and challenging at the same time. While Microsoft's default aircrafts rather give Flight Simulator the status of an "arcade" game, Aerosoft manages to create some variety with the CRJ here. Considering the remarkable speed with which the guys from Aerosoft have brought a finished product to the market, this deserves full respect - keeping in mind that we will have to wait at least another year for other airliners of similar depth. Aerosoft has used as much as possible of what Microsoft Flight Simulator currently offers. The limitations and disadvantages mentioned above are mostly simply due to the fact that MSFS as such does not yet support these features. If you don't refer to the system depth of an FSLabs product for comparison, you will be more than satisfied. Therefore: If you like flying short-haul and airliners and if you are looking for a new challenge, you won't go wrong with the CRJ. In our eyes, the price is more than fair for so much attention to detail. At the same time, Aerosoft's CRJ improves Microsoft Flight Simulator's reputation as a mere arcade game immensely and is finally also a suitable product for pilots who place higher demands on realism than pure arcade."


You will find the review here:  https://flightsim.to/news/34/our-first-impressions-on-aerosoft-crj-550-700-for-microsoft-flight-simulator


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