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Updater crashes after MSFS CRJ install (solved?)

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Updater version


Up to this time, I have only used the Updater for P3D products.


Purchased CRJ 550/700 for MSFS from the AS website, downloaded the zip file, took out the .exe file and installed.

(It was installed into the MSFS\Community  folder.)


After this installation, the Updater only begins reading the product files, but crash without notice.


Last few lines of the ASUpdater_App_Log.txt file:





If the product file:  as_aircraft_crj_550-700_msfs.xml   is removed from the  from the Products folder, the Updater will run without crashing.


The product file:

(checked for non-displaying characters, there is nothing abnormal.)



Maybe the Updater is unable to find MSFS(?)




As mentioned, without this product xml file, the Updater works fine, so as long as I can download new/update versions from the website, I am contented.


Just passing along the information in case it might help.


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