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TCAS - ND Displays Traffic at Half the Distance


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The above ND display shows a picture with traffic at my level approximately 1.5-2 miles in front of me. When using FSX Google Earth Tracker (which still works with MSFS), the measuring tool measures 3.5 miles between my aircraft and the other.


This issue is prevalent in Rose and Arc mode. TCAS distances are only half of what they should be. The FSX CRJ had exactly the same issue.

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Tried to take a better picture. Actual distance of 7.4 miles, ND shows roughly 4 miles. Mild inaccuracy as the planes kept moving while I was taking these screenshots over the course of maybe 10 seconds?





EDIT: Another one: in the exterior view I can see the aircraft is right over the threshold of the runway shown in the ND. The TCAS target however is halfway between me and the runway:


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One more; this one I took with faster reaction times, but the planes slipped in Google Earth before I could take the snapshot.


Once again, you see the same thing; the traffic is displayed on the ND at half the actual distance.





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