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CRJ Update Stuttering issues after landing

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Here is an idea, Nvidia recently updated their RTX driver... Try rolling back to the previous version of that and see if it continues? Could be a driver optimization issue with the latest CRJ update.

I do not believe that is actually true. If it would be an issue in the code EVERY users would see it and with a few tens of thousands of customers this forum would look rather different.   

Hi.  I am having some stuttering issues every after landing from a flight after the update despite of fps at 40-55.  My system is R9 5950x + 3090.  I dont have this issue when reverting back t

The issue described her, atleast mine, is not caused by multiplayer.

But anyway, good to have another fix, although i dont care about the multiplayer fix, the live weather improvement in this patch is what gets me excited 😛 

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