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Updater doesn´t work - Error

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I just started the ASUpdater and it stops without finishing the update. See Error (German language).

Can anyone help? Yes, I could redownload but this would not be an answer for what went wrong.



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vor 43 Minuten, Mathijs Kok sagte:

Can you send us the ASUpdater_App_Log.txt from the <Documents>\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Logs folder?

Here we go. Thanks Mathijs.

Just for your Information: I rebooted my PC a few times - Still doesn´t work.


The issue might is could not find "Aerosoft_CRJ_700\TEXTURE.IBX_JA13RJ\ASCRJ700_EXT_DECAL_FUSE_SOLID_A.PNG.DDS"... I don´t know why this may is missing?



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14 hours ago, leo03000 said:

Strange mine won't even open up now when I double click the icon on my desktop. It instantly disappears.

This usually means your computer thinks it is a virus and is automatically deleting the file.

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